Ghanaians do not know what they have, they have failed to appreciate you well – Nigerian journalist tells Sarkodie

hen rapper Sarkodie made an appearance on BEAT FM in Nigeria, it was a moment where he was celebrated for his works as a musician and commended for how much he has invested into his brand.

According to this journalist, Ghanaians have failed to acknowledge Sarkodie and the widespread nature of his appeal across the continent and the world.

“I think our Ghanaians brother and sisters, do not know what they have. They should try as much as to appreciate you,” the journalist said.

These words from the journalist were hinged on the fact that Sarkodie was the first Ghanaian artiste to get the o2 Apollo sold out and to go on to win two BETs.

According to the journalist, these laurels should give Ghanaians every reason to appreciate Sarkodie and hold him in high esteem.

These words hit Sarkodie and he responded affirmatively. According to him, he has been moved by the words of the journalist because everything he had prepared to say had been said.

“You’re tryna get me speechless. Everything I’ve got to say is what you’re saying. I have nothing to say,” these were the words of Sarkodie 

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