Stop Wasting Money On Slim Teas, Go To The Gym If You Want To Lose Weight Instead Of Squishing Your Organs For Tapoli Shape – Yvonne Nelson Advises Women

Social Media today is full of companies selling one weight loss products to the other and others selling waist trainers.

The worse part it a lot of celebrities both local and foreign have endorsed these products making it seem as if it’s the only alternative to achieve a certain desired body shape.

At least 90% of ladies in Ghana are using one product or the other to get a certain shape. Skinny ladies are buying pills to get bigger boobs and butts.

Fat ladies are buy slimming teas to have flat tummy and perky boobs and butts. What most of these women fail to realize is that everyone cannot have the same body shape.

Especially the celebrities who endorse these products often do Plastic surgeries and later come and lie that it was the product they used.

Yvonne Nelson who has probably tried some of these products has strongly advised women against it and asked them to go to the gym instead.

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