Meet the 24-year old man who wears suit and tie and sells in traffic

A 24-year old Nigerian man who wears a suit and tie to sell kolanut on the streets of Abuja has gained the spotlight on BBC. 

In the lengthy interview he granted to BBC Pidgin, the young man says he swags up to give a good account of himself in order to draw people to patronize his merchandise.

“People ask me why do I sell kolanut and wear suit and tie. Like this I am happy, abi am I not happy? I’m happy, because everything is clean. My own kolanut is clean. Me myself am clean. My clothes are clean, I have ironed it. If I have perfume, I’ll put it on.

My name is Zubairu Ibrahim Sulaiman from Kaduna. I’m 24 years. I dress like this and sell kolanut inside traffic on Karu Bridge. I’ve been selling kolanut for 3 years. Every morning, I must swag. I carry my socks, put it on my leg. Carry my shoe, polish it, then put it on my leg. I iron my clothes, shirt, tie, and suit. I wash my hair, I brush it. I carry my face mask, my eye glass. Then I go and sell kolanut.

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