Netizens Praise Beautiful Woman Who Takes Selfies In Her Room Without Ceiling- Photo

In an era when people use social media as a means of deception by appearing glossy but in reality, their lives are nowhere near what they portray on the internet, this lady has been applauded for being modest for taking selfies in her ‘not too good’ room. 

The young lady who hails from South Africa shared a photo of herself seated comfortably on her bed while conspicuously showing her roof which has no ceiling. Then again instead of having walls or bricks for the building, one could see corrugated iron instead.

As you can imagine, the shallow ones criticized her for sharing a photo of her dilapidated abode but a lot of people drowned that negative energy with positive comments by praising for being real and honest about her life, unlike the vast number of slay queens who fake everything.

The lady, Olebogeng captioned her now-viral post with: “Nothing (as) sweet as being home.”

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