“Sports betting is the future as it has helped a lot of broke guys make real money” – Kinaata jabs Bishop Dag Heward Mills

Ghanaian clergyman, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills most recently admonished Ghanaian youths to desist from sports betting if they want to be prosperous in the future.

Kofi Kinaata, multiple awards winning artiste and an ambassador for sports betting company, Betway has responded to Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in an interview with Amansan Krakye.

Kofi Kinaata was asked what he makes of the controversial assertion by the popular clergyman concerning sports betting.

He remarked “Amansan Krakye by the time we finish this interview, I’m very sure that you’d have ended up giving me problems. Proverbially it is said that what the elderly sees whilst sitting, the young cannot see even if they’re standing.

KSM Show- Kofi Kinaata having a great time on the show with KSM - YouTube

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