ECG Sends Ghanaians Crucial Message On What To Expect With Power Supply This Christmas

To all Ghanaians who are apprehensive about whether they will be in dumsor or not, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has released a statement assuring them of their full commitment in ensuring that there will be a stable power supply.

Dumsor is a Ghanaian term which means unstable power supply, especially when it goes on and off intermittently within short period. The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of ECG in the Central Region, Mr. Awal Boye has told Kastle FM in an interview that there will be uninterrupted power supply this yuletide.

“Electricity is very important in our daily endeavours whether being used for business or for domestic activities. That’s why we have put good measures onboard even though officially we’re going on break as ECG for the Christmas celebration,” he said.

“However, going on break doesn’t mean that we’ve left the job we render to our customers. We have standby teams in all our 10 districts across the Central Region. We have ECG staff who’ll be working throughout the break to make sure that whenever there is a fault they respond to it abruptly,” he added.

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