Kwaku Sheldon Clashes With Teacher Kwadwo.

It’s obvious that Kwadwo Sheldon is overly emotional and for someone who enjoys trolling people, its funny that he’s not able to take it when also being trolled and his latest post on Social media making a mockery of his comic rival, Teacher Kwadwo has received condemnation from his own followers on Facebook.

Well, if you are in oblivion on this whole Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon feud.

So Kwadwo Sheldon has in a new post on his Facebook, suggested that anyone who works at UTV is probably a small dreamer.

Yes, I’m not twisting his words and his own followers are angry at him for coming at the brand UTV and suggesting that, he’s got bigger dreams than to be paid to read news on the channel.

He posted:

Maybe your aim in life is to beg on social media and read news on UTV….Some of us have bigger aims so yeah! Enjoy this one..

Interestingly, his own followers are pissed at his post, and from comments monitored by,  proves that.

Well, here’s a screenshot of the post and some of the comments.

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