My mom owns 2 houses, where’s your mother’s own? Elikem Kumordzie replies a fan who shamed him for still living in his mom’s house

Ghanaian fashion designer and actor, Elikem Kumordzie has replied a fan who shamed him for still living in his mom’s house.

Elikem Kumordzi posted a video of him showing off in his G-Wagon on social media recently.

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A fan commented on the post and wanted to know why Elikem will show off in a G-Wagon and still be living in his mom’s house.

“Ok so you still live in your mom’s house, but you’re driving a G-Wagon does that make sense lol, Ghanaians when will you learn,” the user wrote.

This was Elikem’s reply:

“I’ll leave this stupid comment on the time line because with 0 followers and 0 post and 0 following. Plus you are ignorant as f*ck. And for your information, I moved out more than 5 years ago. I’ve built a shop at this location, that’s my dad’s house, my mum has 2 houses, one at East Legon and the other at Israel. Where is your mom’s house?” Elikem replied to the comment.

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