My Sponsor Took Back All The Gifts He Gave Me After I Refused To Become His Second Wife – Former GMB Queen Emefa Adeti

Winner of 2012 Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, Emefa Adeti who is now a presenter at Joyprime has shared her story of how her sponsor humiliated her for refusing to be his second wife.

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV,  Emefa stated that the man who sponsored her in the competition dragged her out of the house when she told him she wasn’t ready to be his second wife.

She stated “I was very young at that time, after the competition he asked my hand in marriage but I said no because my vision was big at that time. He was a grown man, people say I should have seen the signs with all the support he provided but I didn’t know.”

I guess her story will help educate the ladies of today, that Papa no will not give you anything for free.

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