Lydia Forson Tagged As One Of The Alleged Lovers Of Desmond Elliot

Cutie Julls a Nigerian blogger has made some serious allegations against Lydia Forson a Ghanaian actress as one of the lovers of Nigerian actor Desmond Elliot.

According to him, Desmond Elliot and Lydia Forson were allegedly caught in a hotel in Lagos by Desmond Elliot’s wife.

All these revelations are based on the Desmond Elliots recent rants about Nigerian Youths which angered a lot of his celebrity friends. He had stated that the Nigerian government should regulate social media as the youth are full of bitterness and hate.

According to Desmond, he checked comments following the EndSARS protest and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The statement, “Desmond Elliot is a proof that a young person could be the President of this country and still fail u” has gone viral as Nigerians shockingly react to it.

Reacting to the incident, Cutie Julls called out Desmond Elliot for being a hypocrite and despite being a young person in parliament he decided to take the sides of the government instead of the youth.

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