Wiyaala saves 16-year-old JHS girl from early marriage , gets culprit arrested

Wiyaala, aka The Lioness of Africa, has rescued a sixteen (16) year old Junior high school (JHS) girl in Funsi, the District capital of Wa East in the Upper West Region, from getting married to a 36-year-old farmer from Halimbogie, a small farming community near Funsi.

In an exclusive interview, Wiyaala stated that the victim is a member of her “Boys and Girls Club”, a group she formed for the youth in Funsi.

According to her, she called for the arrest of the suspect to serve as a warning to other men who try to indulge in such act of forcefully marrying girls under the age of 18.

Wiyaala added that the men of the Wa East District were known for such acts decades ago, however as the years have passed the Upper West communities are now more enlightened and forced marriages of children are not tolerated. The renowned singer and entertainer cautioned that anyone attempting to marry off their little girl will face the full wrath of the law.

Source: Ghanaweb

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